Waterborne Logistics Services

Regarding to the locus of rivers in the country, an extensive navigable river network is available with inland water transport services.

To complete the whole transport logistics chain of the client’s project, Ocean Wisdom Logistics Co., Ltd. is your reliable local partner for regional waterborne transport logistics and related services to reach your destination and to meet your satisfaction. Regarding to provide the transportation and total logistics services for the projects, we can give the full guarantee for your expected and calculated time schedule with our fleet which has been formed with safe and secure barges and tugs. With our experiences of the waterborne transport along the Ayeyarwady river in all year round, the optimum number of tug & barge to carry out for the transportation services of your different projects is only thirty one pairs. There are 42 pairs of Tug & Barge, which have been ready to serve your required transportation agenda.

Truck Logistics Services

Ocean Wisdom Logistics Co., Ltd. has been trying to provide the third party logistics services including the trucking, distribution and inland transport to the client’s destination. We have different types of trucks, trailers and associated equipment with our own investment, trained personnel and scheduled maintenance plan. But, according to the better relationship and local development aspects, we have been willing to work together with local truckers and stevedoring services as well.Existing dominant inland transportation services from OWL are;

  • Cement Transportation
  • Material Transportation
  • Fuel Transportation
  • Container Transportation

Crane Services

Ocean Wisdom Logistics Co., Ltd. provides the service in lifting small or heavy amount of weight, which is called crane service. Yangon, Mandalay and Muse are three main locations where customers can rent the crane service. There are three main types of crane in service, which are mobile crane, forklift and floating crane. Except for Muse, any crane types can be rented in Yangon and Mandalay. Forklift and mobile crane can only be rented in Muse. The company has mobile crane for 10 ton-50 ton, floating crane barge for 25 ton and forklift for 3 ton-5ton. The products the company has provided the crane services are as shown in below.

    1. Ammonia nitrate

    2. Ferronickel

    3. Chromite and

    4. Container.

Warehousing Service

Ocean Wisdom Logistics Co., Ltd. also provides the warehousing service. Our warehouse is located in Jiegao, which is a town in southern China near the border of Myanmar. The warehouse has 2592 cubic-meter. The company has done given and stored the products of customers as shown in below.

  • 1. Electrode paste
  • 2. Nozzle brick
  • 3. Pelletizing discs
  • 4. Asphalt distributer truck
  • 5. Excavator spare parts and
  • 6. Ferrosilicon.

Shipping Agency Services

OWL is also providing the Shipping Agency Services for the smoothness of the transportation supply chain with proper cost factor. Apart from your invited transportation services with three bidding items, we can offer you all related administration tasks to deal with shipping lines, stake holders and various activities related the cargo clearance and port clearance services.